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  1. #HereSomesTheSon

    Tottenham’s signing of South Korean superstar Son Heung-min from Bayer Leverkusen demanded a high level insider coverage. We were on hand to deal with his much-awaited first interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, whilst we continue to be there for daily news …

  2. All good things come in threes

    Claudio Pizarro’s return to Werder Bremen, for his third spell at the club, has triggered widespread interest in both the club and German football  across South America, giving us the perfect opportunity to do what we do best:  providing first-class …

  3. UEFA

    Europe’s football association and mmc sport go back a long way. We started working with UEFA 13 years ago and our relationship is going from strength to strength each year. Once again, for the 2015/16 season, we will be fully …